Using the ZyXEL WAP 3205 as a Wireless Bridge

31XNFrarZYL._SL500_AA300_Got one of those older generation BluRays or Flat Screens that requires a CAT 5 connection? No CAT 5 wiring in the house and your wifi router is not in a convenient location for a direct connect?

Here’s an great way to extend your network without having to upgrade that non-wifi gear.

The ZyXEL WAP 3205 can serve as an inexpensive wireless bridge to enable CAT5 functionality for devices that don’t natively come with wifi. I have two of them, one that powers my Avaya voip phone and another that connects to a first generation BluRay player that didn’t come with wireless. They work flawlessly with my Cisco Linksys N/G router.

Here’s a quick and dirty set of instructions to help you set one up. Continue reading “Using the ZyXEL WAP 3205 as a Wireless Bridge”

Kits and catalogs of yore

1964 Allied Radio CatalogOnce upon a time, we built Heathkits and Knightkits and got our resistors, capacitors and solder from places like Allied, Radio Shack and Lafayette Radio Electronics. Allied has had a renaissance as a mail order parts retailer, but brick and mortar stores are fading into the sunset.

Elecraft remains the premiere purveyor of build-it-yourself ham gear, making much of its high quality equipment available fully assembled or in kit mode.

For Allied fans, here is a link to an archive of their famous catalogs.