Finding the good stuff with DX Clusters

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Looking for some tools to help you catch a rare one? “DX Clusters” can help. These are feeds where hams spot stations on the air and share the information with other hams. DX Clusters began as telenet feeds, with posts popping up on your terminal much in the style of old news teletype machines. Every operator has his favorite sources for finding great dx. Here are three cluster links to get you started..

MUF Predictor – The Latest Maximum Usable Frequency

MUF helps hams decide which frequencies are best for long distance communications. The folks at Prolab provide this continuously updated shot of both MUF and the vaunted “Grey Line”. As the Gray Line, or Terminator as it’s sometimes called, pass over an area, skywave propagation is likely to be at it’s best. Check back here anytime for the latest and greatest graphical depiction of MUF.

A current look at the Maximum Usable Frequency – via Updated continuously.