Dave Sumner – K1ZZ – A LIfe Dedicated to Amateur Radio

Dave Sumner - K1zz with the MSU Alumni Association's Scott Westerman - W9WSWIt’s eventually every radio amateur’s dream, to visit the World Headquarters of the American Radio Relay League. I found myself among the towers, beams and dipoles in Newington to congratulate Michigan State University alumnus, Dave Sumner, K1ZZ, who has served the League for nearly 4 decades. On April 19, he will retire as CEO. But that word doesn’t have a lot of meaning to Dave. He will still be engaged in international spectrum policy issues and remain a familiar fixture at 225 Main Street.

A conversation with Dave covers a virtual history of our art. It became his singular focus when he decided to come west to East Lansing, a legal career initially his professional goal. Like many of us, he was smitten by the beauty of the campus and even more so by the Collins S Line gear that he saw when he visited the club station, W8SH. He soon found himself at the helm and after graduating with a journalism degree, Dave decided that it was ham radio, and not being a lawyer that was his true passion. Continue reading “Dave Sumner – K1ZZ – A LIfe Dedicated to Amateur Radio”