SSB Sweeps!!

This weekend is Phone Sweepstakes ! The shack is all ready to go. The equipment and antenna switches have all been labeled for easy identification. The logging computer has N3FJP up and running on it. All you need to do is remember to change operators in the log. The band and mode will be tracked automatically for you. (as long as rig is on) When the contest is done, please have someone SAVE the log data to the hard drive.

I will be in contact with Ed or Reece as to submitting our entry after the contest is over. ANY questions about operating times, please coordinate with ED W8EO. If you need help PLEASE ASK. There are manuals for all the rigs on the bookcase. If you don’t know how to tune the amplifier, ask for help or DON’T use it.

Please do not run over 1KW. The REASON ? Our 40 meter es 80 meter dipoles are made of #16 wire and won’t handle over a KW.

I will be at home all weekend if there are problems that can’t be resolved by following the direction sheets. I will hopefully be operating from home while recovering from surgery.

I’m going to play QRP this year just for fun.(and the challenge)
Gud Luck es Clean Sweep guys ! 73, Gregg WB8LZG

CW Sweepstakes This Weekend!

original_goldCalling all Sweepers ! Man your Keys ! A reminder to all CW enthusiasts.
This weekend is the CW Sweepstakes. I wanted to let everyone know my schedule and availability.

I am planning on being in the W8SH shack near the starting time 5pm local Sat. if the time stays the same. I plan on operating from 5pm thru 8 or 9pm Sat evening. Then I usually am in the shack Sunday morning about 6am and operate till 9 or 10 am. If anyone would like to gain access to the shack outside of these hours please contact me.

SWEEPS is the “big one” ! It has the longest exchange of any of the contests and accuracy is the goal. I first started Sweeps at 16 and have been hooked ever since. my mentors taught me well too. I do Sweeps entirely on paper. No computer, no logging program, no dupe checker, no assisted, no nonsense. Just a key , a pencil, and the radio ! It’s the purest form of CW Zen that there is ! For years i ran Sweeps QRP (low power) just to test my meddle, But that was hard work and operation from W8SH is very fast paced fun. With our School Station status and our Check 19 being the only one on the planet, a pileup is inevitable ! Want to hone the “filter between the ears” just try picking one callers signal out of 5 or 6 ! It just doesn’t get any better unless your in a rare section. ( like N. Dakota , or the NWT !) hi hi

For those of you who prefer the computer logging, N3FJP Sweeps program is up and running on the computer. Please leave it running and i will combine and compile the scores after the weekend. Phone Sweeps is in 2 more weekends and i’ll make an announcement a few days before.

Want to pound some brass this weekend? Come keyed up with us at W8SH !

73 Gregg WB8LZG