Winter Preparedness

NWS Signs of HypothermiaWe had our first measurable snow on campus this weekend! There are a number of good things about winter. The chance of lightning in Michigan is almost non-existent so those 80 meter static crashes vanish. You won’t get burned if you forget to turn that antenna switch to ground when you shut down the rig. And there’s something magic about pulling in some great dx as the terminator dances over your QTH.

At the same time, there’s a whole new layer of preparedness questions you have to ask yourself when you leave the friendly confines of your dorm room or your ham shack. Speaking of layering, that’s the secret. Make sure you have enough layers to keep out the cold and protect you from the moisture. Electronic components can behave differently at extremes of temperature, so give that car (and your gear inside of it) time to warm up if the operating temps get below those recommended in your manual.

And be aware if you start to feel any of the symptoms shown in the NWS graphic and check out this handy reference from our friends at NOLS. Hams need to be prepared to serve in extraordinary times. Be ready to help by taking care of yourself first.