MSU’s Radiosport Team Takes Home MIQP Contest Honors

The Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club (MSUARC) Radiosport team turned in a record performance as the highest scoring college radio club in the 2017 Michigan QSO Party (MIQP).

With nearly 600 contacts and over 101,000 points, after multipliers, the 7 operators, comprising both students and alumni navigated poor band conditions and stayed the course for the 12 hour contest time frame.

Best of all, “The Ole Log” trophy remains in East Lansing for another year. W8SH outpaced our University of Michigan friends at W8UM, earning the top score for an official College Amateur Radio Club the annual competition.

Thanks to everyone who contacted us from 33 counties, 60 cities and 12 DX entities.

The MIQP is an annual Radiosport event, held every Spring, where radio amateurs are challenged to contact stations located in the State of Michigan. Ham radio enthusiasts regularly participate in contests as a way to practice emergency communications skills and prepare to support local government and public safety organizations in cases where commercial communications infrastructure may fail.

W8SH is the Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club Station, located at 2121 Engineering building on the MSU campus. It boasts state of the art communication equipment and is available to students, staff and alumni. The club is sponsored by MSU’s College of Engineering and was founded in 1919.