The Generosity of a Legend

Dr. Ed Liebler, W8RNE is a legend at Michigan State. A veterinarian by training, Ed became a lawyer when he was looking to expand his knowledge, and spent much of his professional life as a building contractor, constructing post offices across the state. Ed’s passion for finding things out naturally lead him to amateur radio, an “essential avocation” with many dimensions that fascinated. He was an avid contester, a DX Century Club member, a kit builder, and a regular participant in MSUARC activities.

So it was natural for Ed to want to create a legacy that would inspire the curiosity and creativity of future generations. When he decided to disassemble his elite contesting station setup, the club became his beneficiary.

On June 13 a crew of MSUARC members gathered at Ed’s QTH. A crane was hired to do the high altitude work, and piece by piece, we gently pulled apart the puzzle pieces of W8NRE’s tower and antenna system, for re-deployment at W8SH. In addition, Ed generously donated his pristine TenTec Omni and Centurion amplifier to the club, along with a dozen peripherals, all state of the art and all with low time on the components.

It is said that if we find our way to greatness, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants. Few Michigan State alumni have had stronger shoulders than Dr. Ed Liebler. And the MSU Amateur Radio Club will be forever grateful for his generosity and friendship.